Manuel Czepok

Manuel Czepok

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First Name * Manuel
Last Name * Czepok
Username * Scheppi
Country * New Zealand
City Wellington
Languages EnglishGerman





I love to see sth. I´ve created moves. It´s great to create worlds where everything you want is possible. Somebody tends to say it´s like to play god. Not me *hehe* It´s just the fun to entertain that pushes me to spend allot of time in front of the screen or with pen and paper.

In 2004 I want to switch from hobbyist to professional and start my studies at the German Film School. I´ve got the chance to work in nearly all areas of digital film making - concept art, storytelling, cinematography and that bunch of 2D and 3D stuff in combination with real screenplay footage. I gained a lot of experience and keep still learning. All this areas are very interessting and as part of a group of committed and creative people around there is no better job on this planet.

I´m used to following software packages: 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage XSI, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Digial Fusion, Shake and Boujou.


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